Scarlet Macaw- Yuval Atzili

Scarlet Macaw- Yuval Atzili

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Title: Scarlet Macaw

Year: 2017

Artist: Yuval Atzili

Size: 60 x 80 cm

Edition: 1/150

Scarlet Macaw's paper-cut work, which originates from the pages

made from posters made by fans of Barcelona football club and analog photography paper I discuss the relationship between the hidden and the familiar: the small derivatives from which the collage is made do not hint at the material from which they are made and hide their true identity. I strive to produce beauty and lust while drawing the parallel between the laborious handwork (cutting and pasting of paper), such as sewing and knitting, and the intimate action (masturbation).

YUVAL ATZILI. I am 35 years old working as an art teacher and the rest of the time I'm creating new artworks. I was born in Israel and when I was young studied at an agricultural school. Hence my love for animals. But I also drew birds when I was a little boy, in first or second grade. Certainly, before I even thought about art. I am a graduate of the Department of Photography Bezalel 2012 and the Master's Program in Bezalel Arts 2016.