Johannes Stjärne Nilsson


I’m a filmmaker and artist with 30 years of experience in visual arts. I navigate freely in the world of both fiction and reality, and my work ranges from films and documentaries to photography, poetry and visual art.

In my work, and in myself, I try to maintain a benevolent, humanistic view on all beings that surround me, to better understand them and to better cope with them. I have a particular interest for metaphysical borderlands, our insatiable need for fiction and our spectacular inner world. My work is exploratory and conceptual, balancing existential dilemmas with dark comedy and a sense of play. A recurrent theme is my curiosity for mankind and the different ways in which we deal with our existence and our evolutionary instincts.

Over time I’ve been privileged to reach out to a wide international audience with my work, stretching from schools and universities to Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Biennale.

I’m also founder and member of the internationally acclaimed artist group Six Drummers that makes music, art and live performances. I’m a strong believer in collaboration and regularly give master classes on my artistic philosophy and creative process.