Mats Reslow

I am a photographer living  on the countryside in the south of Sweden.  I have been painting and creating mostly abstract paintings all my life, but since 2016 I found  a passion for photography. 

I started with mainly minimalistic black&white photos with architectural and coastal motifs.  Three  years ago during the pandemic I  started  to explore and photograph local woodlands,  which was challenging  but very interesting. I guess I needed to come outdoor often and quickly, tired of endless video meetings in my main business at home. 

Photographing in the forest turned out to be very challenging but interesting.

Finding an interesting composition in forests was quite difficult in the beginning. But I spend a lot of time walking in local forest together with my dog and camera to find interesting scenes and I slowly learned to find the right weather and light conditions.

As I live in a rural part of Skåne county, most of my landscape photos are taken from there. Most forest photos  are from local forests. For example, Torupsskogen, Häckeberga and Bökeberg, are located about  2-15 km from my home.

To take photographs in forests is for me is meditative. I work very slowly and do not take so many photos on a hike. I enjoy the nature together with my dog  and to explore the surroundings and different compositions before trying to create  an image with my camera. 

I enjoy working with my images  from capture, to editing and finally printing.A large and essential part of my work is the editing phase of the work in order to  express the intentional atmosphere and mood of the image.

I also made a lot of effort on the printing process. I have a home print studio with 17 inch and 24-inch printers. Since 2020 I work with Fujifilm medium format cameras which allow me to make large prints

I have a collaboration with Kliger Art Gallery in Lund where some of my photographs are exhibit. 


Selected Publications

Fotografer och Fotokonst. Online exhibition February 2021

Tagree- Online magazine for Photography&Art 2019 By the Water -By Mats Reslow Yearbook X. 2017

Cameropixo Photography Magazine We Inspire No 20 2017

Featured profile ND magazine. April 2017

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Cameropixo 24/7 Black&White Photography Magazine Vol2.



International Color Awards. Nominee in Nature category 2023

International Color Awards. Nominee in Nature category 2022

Minimalist Photography Awards. Two honourable mentions in Fine Art and Long Exposure category 2020

Black&White Spider Awards. Nominee in Fine Art category 2019

Black&White Spider Awards. Three nominations in Fine Art category 2017

Neutral Density Photography Awards. Four honourable mentions 2017

Tokyo International Foto Awards 3rd place in the category Architecture-Buildings 2016

Monochrome Photography Awards. Five honourable mentions 2016

Neutral Density Photography Awards. Five honourable mentions 2016

Black&White Spider Awards . Three nominations 2016

International Photography Awards. Four honorable mentions. 2016

Fine Art Photography Awards. Three nominations 2016

Moscow International Foto Awards. Eight honorable mentions. 2016

International Photographer of the year Awards. Honorable mention 2015

Cameropixo 24/7 Black&White Photography Magazine Vol2. Editors Choice Award 2015

International Photography Awards. Three honorable mentions. 2015

Cameropixo 24/7 Black&White Photography Magazine Vol1. Two Editors Choice Awards. 2015

Stark Awards. Honourable mention. 2015




Kronovalls Castle, Skåne Solo exhibition July 2023

Affordable Art Fair Exhibition Amsterdam October 2022

Forest Lights. Solo exhibition October 2022. Kliger Art Gallery, Lund Sweden

Affordable Art Fair Exhibition Stockholm  April 2022

Ordning i Kaos. Solo exhibition. October 2021 Kliger Art Gallery, Lund Sweden

Introduce Yourself. Group Exhibition Apr-May 2021 Kliger Art Gallery, Lund , Sweden

 Stark Awards exhibition at Dales Art Gallery Victoria Canada. March 7-31 2015

Solo exhibition "Öresund-Long Time Exposures" Gallery Närbild, Lund Sweden 10-28 January 2015