Artist statement

The decisive moment is an essential concept in the history of photography and its traces remain apparent in contemporary photography. The photographer is using his skills and the camera function to isolate one moment from a sequence of occurrences, a moment that captures the decisive moment of the event.

As a photojournalist and event photographer I'm required to get the best shot by one or several frames to represent the event. By the photography medium, the source of my work, I aspire to examine the conceptual mode of leisure and peak moments, as well as the decisive moment. I choose to focus on mass crowd and spectacular nature locations that characterize the consumption culture and the world.

In my work I present different representations from the standard versions. Some of the art works  are photographed by long exposure while the exposure is measured and determined by the length of the event. The single picture contains the time and memory and asks of the viewer to experience photography in a different manner than he's accustomed to. The selection of long exposure is made according to the type of the event, which for most people is a passive experience. The passiveness of the viewer at the event means it isn't possible for the viewer to be active and makes him feel that the event is real andtrue, while the event and the place is simulation and sometimes is simulacra. The simulacrum doesn't conceal the truth -- it is the truth which conceals. The simulacrum is the truth. The result of the long exposure is that the spectator sometimes exists as a ghost and sometimes doesn't exist at all. But the place always exists and its glory can be captured. The Art work raises the question about objectivity in representing and  hyper realism in the photography world.