We are creating an art collective!

We are happy to present the next step for Kliger Gallery. From spring 2023 we are turning Kliger Art into an art collective with a number of selected artists to join the gallery.

We believe in the power of many - and together we will create a creative art space where we can express and inspire ourselves and our visitors. A community for creating and exhibiting the art we love. 

Each artist will have a 3-week exhibition a year, as well as taking part in the “collective exhibitions” in July and December.

When being part of the collective you have access to use the space as your workspace for your art, and for workshops, and you will also be part with your art on the permanent wall - year-round. 

Let’s create this lively and creative space together! Are you interested in taking part? Contact us for for more information about the application.


Art exhibitions, workspace and workshops -

Welcome to Kliger Art - Fine Art Photography & Friends!

Asaf Kliger