Rent the Gallery



Kliger Gallery is a spacious gallery right in the heart of Lund, Skåne. Since the start in 2020 Kliger Gallery has exhibited selected artists from all over the world, showing photographs, sculptures and paintings.

The founder, Asaf Kliger, photographer and artist, started the gallery with the ambition to create a welcoming space in the city center of Lund, with the art bringing people together.

The gallery has a big window facing one of the best shopping streets in Lund, and because of the exhibitions and the perfect location - many people step through the doors of Kliger Gallery.

Now you can rent the gallery to exhibit your own art or create your own workshop or lessons..

Price per week 9500 sek + vat. No other fees will be added and no commision


The Location

Kliger Gallery is located in the middle of the city center of Lund, at Klostergatan 11, one of the best shopping streets in the city. The gallery is located just one minute from the Grand Hotel and three minutes from the train station.

The Facilities

 Total area: 110 m2 + kitchenette/toilet, 1 large street window for displaying the art. The walls for hanging art are 30 meters in total. The height to the ceiling is 3 meters.

Storage room in the back with toilet and kitchenette

Light system with 14 spotlights

Hanging system for the art

TV and speaker system available to rent

Sofas and relax area

Please note, the gallery has a permanent wall with art that will remain during the rental period.


9500 SEK/week (+25% VAT)

NO commission on sales

Available weeks - 2023
Fully booked
Conact us for 2024

How to rent Kliger Gallery - 

We request that potential exhibitors describe the content of their proposed exhibition (ex drawings, photos, posters etc). It should be attached in the application. Please also include a short description of the exhibition together with the requested dates.

  • Please note that all suggestions/applications are considered in light of the gallery’s artistic direction. If considered unsuitable for any reason, the gallery has the right to reject an application.
  • Bookings can be made up to 6 months in advance.
  • We recommend all our exhibitors to visit the gallery in person before booking the space to make sure it’s suitable for your purposes. A member of our team is happy to show you around, please email us for an appointment

To think of during the rental period - 

  • You, or someone that represents you, should be present in the gallery at all times during the exhibition.
  • You need to have your own payment system for selling the art, for example Swish/iZettle etc.
  • There is hanging system from the roof that can be adjusted to your art. Do not use any nails, screws, stickers or tape on the walls.
  • The gallery does not take any responsibility for theft or damage.
  • Please avoid using double sided scotch tape of sellotape or other fixings that could damage the wall/flooring/fixtures.
  • Kliger Gallery reserves the right to charge for any damage caused in the gallery during the rental period.
  • Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas in the gallery.
  • Feel free to use the kitchen and fridge and all facilities in the gallery.
  • Please clean the gallery before leaving it and make sure to return it in the same condition as you got it. Vacuum clean and wet clean the floor, clean the kitchen/toilet etc. Kindly clear out flowers, garbage, boxes etc. A garbage room can be found behind the gallery (one of our representatives will show you).


During the rental period 

Below we list the rental conditions, but do ask if you have other requirements, we would happily consider them.

  • You have access to the gallery from Monday 12.00 (noon) to Monday 12.00 (noon) . Set up usually takes place Monday and everything should be cleaned out Sunday.
  • Opening hours - as much as you wish but Saturday 11.00-16.00 is obligate. Sunday is optional. Those are the minimum opening hours, but you can open earlier if you wish or stay longer.
  • When booking a non-refundable 50 % deposit is required. An invoice will be provided. Please note that we cannot refund the deposit after the booking has been confirmed regardless of the reason. We advise that exhibitors have their own appropriate insurance in case of illness or circumstances beyond their control.
  • If the deposit has not been paid within a week from the invoice date, the booking will be canceled.
  • The full amount should be paid 2 weeks before the starting date of the exhibition.
  • Please make sure to market your exhibition through your social media channels and by contacting local newspapers etc. Kliger Gallery will help sending out the opening information of the exhibition to the newsletter list, approximately 300 names. Please send a small text about the exhibition with 2-3 images in jpg-format at least 2 weeks before the opening.