Olivia, from the series “Playing Games”

Olivia, from the series “Playing Games”

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Year: 2016
Artist: Assaf Matarasso
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Edition: 5/6

OLIVIA from The series “Playing Games” acts as a visual reflection of the Y
generation which contains an obsession regarding one’s self image and social
appearance, on the one hand, as well as a constant need to escape into virtual
social worlds and games, on the other hand- a need emerge from the abysmal fear
of forming a real human bond.
The presented character is covered with smudge crayons , which harm her ability to

see and feel life as they really are while simultaneously creating a secondary realty-
one that is really well-thought and social oriented, but nevertheless, flat and

emotionless. Just like a wall of self-representation which lacks the self. The choice in
old style games, presented in this picture, acts as a representation of the longing for
a nostalgic childhood, where playing games was nothing more than just playing
ASSAF MATARASSO. The main topic that emerges from my work is identity. Each
photo represents the attempt to reveal one's true self, which is usually being kept
behind social masks, layers of protection, the need to please others, self-doubts or
the fear of missing out. The essence of my creative process lies in the attempt to
unfold those external elements and unveil our true selves. Although the process
might seem brutal, it seeks purity of emotions and being. In a world in which
everything is being filtered, we all need a small reminder of our true, pure selves.
I had the chance to show my work around the world and participated in numerous
exhibitions in Europe, Israel and the United States. Took part in Recontres d’Arles,
exhibited in FotoFever festival, Paris. Named as one of the 12 finalists of the first
edition of Luxembourg Art Prize, displayed in the israeli Fresh Paint festival as well
as at L.A Photo located in California. My work was permanently presented in Paris
Saint Germain V.I.P football arena as a part of a “carte blanche” collaboration I did
with the famous football team. It also can be found among the private collections of
many art collectors