“Introduce Yourself”

“Introduce Yourself” - Group exhibition at Kliger Gallery 

1. The photo exhibition will take part at Kliger Gallery in Lund. Klostergatan 11.

Dates - 2 of April 2021-3 of May 2021

2. Please send 5-10 images that you wish to show in the exhibition to kliger.art@gmail.com - last date for submission – 7.3 of March

Each selected artist will exhibit 1-3 photos.

The submission should include a short text about your work, CV, (insta/website if you have).

The submission is free of charge.

3. The file should be a PDF with your images and the other information included.

4. Please send the PDF by wetransfer/dropbox/normal email.

5. There will be two sizes of the images - 60x80 cm/ 40x60 cm - the gallery will print all the art work on Hahnemuhle fine art paper. 

6. The prices for the prints are covered by the artists: size 40x60 cm costs 100 Euro+ **vat and 60x80 cm costs **150 Euro +  **vat - 

The price includes - Print& Passepartout & Participation

All the photos will be framed by the gallery - (black/white/oak) final size with frame - 50x70 & 100x70. (for special sizes plz contact me).

7. In case of selling the gallery with share with the artist 50% 50%. the gallery will pay the cost of the print.

The prices range for your art work should be between 300-2500  Euro+ VAT**

8. The artist should be able to send an invoice. (English/Swedish).

9. Every artist will be able allowed to sell 2 editions or more for each art work.

10. The photos will be exhibited during one month at the Gallery, and after that they can be sold as prints (without frame) at the gallery for one more year if the artist agree.

11. The art work will be shown in the Social media of the Gallery.

12. The art work will also be shown in a 360 tour online. 

13. For more information please contact me - kliger.art@gmail.com

14. Due to the Corona we cannot do a grand opening but we will create an online event at the opening day with introduction of all the artists and a virtual tour of the gallery.

15. The gallery is open for a maximum amount of 10 person at a time, due to Covid-19.

VAT - Swedish VAT 25%
Other countries in Europe - 25%
Outside Europe - No VAT 
Transfer by - Paypal/bank transfer (Sweden).


And on a personal note! I have been exhibited by many galleries during my years and I always loved to show and see my art hanging on new walls. That’s why I want to do this exhibition together with you! My aim is to open the stage and introduce fantastic photographers from all around the world to Lund – and I think we all need to dream away with art in these challenging times. Please know that this is the first time I do a group exhibition at this gallery, so I am asking to keep positive, flexible and available during the process.

Asaf Kliger